What is adult acne?

Oily skin

Adult acne is quite common especially for individuals in their early twenties. However, older adults may experience pimples or blackheads on their face or body. Acne occurs due to a buildup of oil, skin flakes and debris in an individual’s pores. Individuals with blemishes often have excessively oily skin or extreme hormonal changes. Both adult men and women can have acne that is mild or severe. Many individuals occasionally will have one or two small blemishes on their face that only last for a few days, but there are people who develop chronic blemishes that are inflamed and noticeable.

Dermatology clinics

It is important to find ways to eliminate pimples that can lead to long-term scar tissue and discomfort. Visiting a dermatology and skincare clinic for an evaluation is the first step toward improving adult acne. Adults will often feel embarrassed and self-conscious about having blemishes on the face or body that are noticeable by others. A thorough examination by an expert can lead to finding effective treatments, and often dermatologists can prescribe oral medications and ointments to cure papules faster than over-the-counter products. In addition, an expert in dermatology can perform cosmetic procedures including laser surgery and chemical peels to reduce acne scar tissue.

Acne medications

External ointments with the ingredients benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin and salicylic acid are the most popular treatments for adult acne. Benzoyl peroxide is the most popular treatment because it has few side effects. This chemical works by reducing inflammation while destroying bacteria that causes pimple formation in the pores. Salicylic acid assists the skin to renew itself by increasing shedding of cells to reopen clogged pores, while tretinoin is a topical retinoid product related to vitamin A that helps to regulate follicle cell growth to reduce pore blockages while reducing inflammation. Tretinoin is also available in an oral format that is useful for individuals with severe adult acne.

Skin cleansing

Approximately 10 percent of the population experiences acne as teenagers or adults. More females than males have adult acne due to hormonally changes each month. Many women have fewer blemishes when using oral contraceptives that help to regulate hormones and the monthly cycle. Occasionally, dermatologists will prescribe antibiotic treatments for patients with chronic and severe adult acne. For many individuals, using specialized skin care products to cleanse the excessive oiliness while removing skin flakes and bacteria is an effective treatment plan. Our specialized cleansing products are formulated to be gentle yet effective.

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