Tips for Caring for the Skin Around Your Eyes

Tips for Caring for the Skin Around Your Eyes

How often do you think about the skin around your eyes? Do you think about how to take preventative care and how to get rid of the dark circles and wrinkles?

If you’re not thinking about it, then you should start now. For many people, the skin around the eyes is the first area to reveal that you are aging. 

The three most common under-the-eye issues are dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines and wrinkles.  Here are some tips to help you combat those primary issues, and put that twinkle back in your eyes! 

Dark Circles

People across many age groups suffer from dark circles under the eyes. There’s a few causes of dark circles: lack of sleep, hyperpigmentation, aging, and/or genetics.  

Though it’s more difficult to cure dark circles resulting from genetics, there are some natural remedies. This easiest is to increase sleep, but you can also apply creams or serums. The best topicals are those that are rich with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. 

There are also some cosmetic treatments that can help with dark circles such as fillers and chemical peels.

Under-Eye Puffiness

Just like dark circles, puffiness under the eyes can be caused by genetics, lack of sleep, or aging.  Another cause of puffiness can be excess consumption of salt or alcohol.

Of course, a good night’s rest, decreased sodium consumption, and drinking less alcohol may help reduce the puffiness. Also, the application of over-the-counter creams created specifically for eye treatment can help relieve puffiness.

Implementing a “cooling” routine can also help. If done frequently, applying an ice bag or rolling a cold spoon over the area can help reduce the puffiness of the area.  

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

These may be the most common issues people face with the skin around their eyes. Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are created by movements during smiling, crying, or squinting.

While fine lines and wrinkles don’t look great, we would never suggest that you stop smiling!

Getting plenty of rest, using sunscreen, and using creams and moisturizers with retinol, hyaluronic acid, or antioxidants can help smooth out those wrinkles. Wrinkles and fine lines can also be reduced with cosmetic treatments like Botox. 

Here are a few things to remember to take good care of the skin around your beautiful eyes:

  1. Always be gentle. The skin around your eyes is sensitive compared to other areas. When doing your makeup, make sure you’re applying the products using cotton or your pinky finger. It’s best to avoid hard scrubbing, and to soothe the eyes by applying masks and beauty patches 
  2. The sun is the bad guy. We all love the sunshine, but protecting yourself from its rays is critical. Always try and save your eyes from the sun. Using sunscreens can help protect your skin, while sunglasses can help prevent unnecessary squinting. 
  3. Just relax. There are simple things you can do every day from your home. Drink plenty of water,  get enough sleep, and exercise at least twice a week. You can also take a spa day and indulge in a facial.
  4. Consult with a dermatologist. Before trying any new creams, moisturizers, or over-the-counter products you should consult with a dermatologist to see what’s best for your skin. If you’re considering any medical treatments, definitely speak with a dermatologist first.

The larger areas of our skin like our cheeks, necks, and chest often receive all of the attention. Hopefully this article inspires you to rethink that small area around your eyes, and about making it a larger part of your beauty treatment.