Tips for Finding a Good Dermatologist

Tips for Finding a Good Dermatologist

People can be very conscious of their skin health. It makes sense with the appearance of your skin being directly linked to the perception of health and vitality.

That is why having a good dermatologist is really important.

Going to an under qualified dermatologist can potentially cause:

  • Permanent disfigurement of your skin
  • Unnecessary cosmetic procedures
  • A higher cost of treatment
  • Or lack of full attention from the doctor in the case of emergencies

Here are a few good tips to keep in mind when you are looking for the right dermatologist:

A proper background check

Take the time to do some research on the potential dermatologist that you’ve been referred to or found on the Internet.

Here are some things to look into:

  1. Qualifications: It is of utmost importance that your dermatologist is qualified for the problem you are seeking treatment for. While all dermatologists have the ability to consult you about common skin problems like acne, there are some who are specially qualified in cosmetic procedures or laser technology-related treatments. This information can usually be found on their practice’s website or even their personal profiles across the web. Also, check for information about their degrees, that they received them and that they haven’t been involved in any malpractice cases.
  2. Certifications: A medical degree is not enough. Your dermatologist should be certified by the American Board of Dermatology. Board certification is necessary for a dermatologist to begin their practice post residency.
  3. Patient’s experience: Another very important factor to check is how the dermatologist’s practice has affected their patients. We can find out previous patients’ experience in a couple of ways:
    • A friend who knows a guy that knows this dermatologist: In short, referrals or recommendations. If you’re able to speak to a previous patient, ask about the doctor’s style of communication, their philosophy on medications, their overall approach, and any other questions you have in mind.
    • Online patient reviews: The Internet has made finding reviews about dermatologists easier than ever. These reviews can be found on the doctors’ websites or other review sites such as Yelp and Google reviews

Consult the dermatologist yourself

Even after all the research, you cannot solely rely on what has worked for other people. Every patient has a different personality and different needs, therefore, no one will know better than you who is the best fit.

When meeting this doctor, pay attention to:

  • Compatibility: Ask yourself some questions like, “Do they pay enough attention to my concerns? Is the doctor listening to me and exploring other options, or simply “pushing” medications? Are they willing to educate me about the condition and treatment plan? Are they interested in my treatment more than my money? Do they make me feel confident and comfortable in the proposed treatment plan?”
  • Communication: A doctor and patient relationship should be very personal and contain effective two-way communication. Both have to listen and speak their minds in order to set goals and address concerns on both sides.

Finding the perfect dermatologist shouldn’t be a quick process. Take your time and find what works best for you.

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