How to Lose Fat When You Have No Time To Exercise

How to Lose Fat When You Have No Time To Exercise

Hey there! If you already heard about Skin Specialist of Allen/Addison maybe you’ve heard about me before, I’m Dr. Tanya Rodgers, owner, and dermatologist at this medical dermatology and aesthetic center!
Today’s subject goes for all those women and men who don’t have time to exercise. I want to tell you more about me and the difficulties I face when thinking about “me-time” when I’m overwhelmed by daily tasks- Let alone thinking about a couple of hours at the gym.

I’m, the proud mother of two boys who I love and adore, and yet drive me absolutely crazy. It almost seems like all of my time goes to them. You want to do it all — healthy meals, the after school activities, the sports practices, the homework. And by the end of the night, you realize you didn’t make time for the gym. Again. 

I even happen to know married and very competitive women who are full-time moms, full-time business owners, a lot of times, feel like full-time Uber drivers. So, when exactly can we schedule a time to go to the gym or take some yoga or pilates?  Many women feel guilty about not being able to do it all, and I totally understand that.  We don’t put ourselves first, we put our kids first, our husbands or other family members first.  Being a good parent takes a huge amount of time and commitment. 

Most of the women I’m talking about, come to me because they’re too busy and they don’t exercise as much as they think they should, nor eat as healthy as they should.  Others have maximized their efforts in diet and exercise, but still, have stubborn pockets of fat that they can’t seem to get rid of.
We should- and can- all take care of ourselves and still be able to manage a household and take care of our kids. 

Seven years ago, I witnessed the results of CoolSculpting done when a colleague introduced it in her dermatology practice. It worked so well that I decided to bring it into my practice at Skin Specialists of Allen/ Addison.  You can see the results in our before and after photos if you want to see the magic! 

And when I say magic, I mean it. Forget about feeling nervous about going into surgery thinking about how long it’ll take for your body to heal, plus the safety risks you would taking while doubting whether it’s really worth it. With CoolSculpting you go through a non-invasive, completely secure –and, let’s brag a little –also scar-free-procedure with no down-time that guarantees you’ll still be a super mommy or daddy while achieving your dream body. The best thing about it is the results are permanent. Which means you’ll always know you made a smart investment in yourself.  

CoolSculpting has given me the ideal opportunity to provide something to women and men that helps them feel better about themselves in this crazy, full-speed world. Let us sky-rocket your confidence and take out the best of you every day.

Schedule now a free complimentary consultation and get to know if you are a candidate and know more about how this procedure can help you achieve your body goals.