MIRApeel Is The Future Of Facials!

MIRApeel Is The Future Of Facials!

One of the most exciting, new innovations in the dermatology world is a new facial technology tool called MIRApeel™. This treatment fuses two immensely popular technologies–wet abrasion and wet microneedling–into a single treatment! 

You can compare a MIRApeel™ experience to the benefits of a light chemical peel, plus a microdermabrasion, all in one.

This innovative, unique technology allows you to receive the best results of both services, for an ultimate facial experience.

So, what is MIRApeel™?

A one-of-a-kind comprehensive, transdermal serum system that utilizes unique vacuum-aided micro-needling for drastic improvement of aging, scarring, and other skin conditions. MIRApeel’s powerful LED components complete each treatment to enhance the clinical outcome.

You can receive this treatment for your face and neck or for a full-body treatment. For either of these treatments, MIRApeel™ therapy provides the advanced combination of the most effective skin technologies simultaneously:

1. Vacuum-Aided Infusion of Cosmeceuticals

2. Fractional Skin Needling Therapy (collagen induction)

3. Treatment is Then Completed with Powerful LED Light Therapy to Reach the Highest Level of Therapy

“The strength of this treatment model is that it delights the patient with visible and continued improvements in the quality and appearance of their skin, at a lower cost per treatment relative to other treatment options currently available,” said Paul Guilbaud, President of Bio-Infusions USA.

Click this link to view an informational, demonstration video of this incredible MIRApeel™ treatment, with all benefits explained during each step of the process.

What is the cost of MIRAPeel™? 

The cost of MIRApeel™ treatment will vary based on your specific cosmetic goals, the level of treatment needed, and your skin type. MIRAPeel is generally less expensive than an invasive skin treatment. During a consultation, we will develop a custom plan to meet your needs and will calculate the cost of your treatment based on these factors.

If you’re interested in experiencing this revolutionary facial treatment, or have any additional questions about this new technology, give us a call at (972)-649-6644.