Do I need sunscreen in the winter?

Skin care is one of the most important aspects of health care. Healthy skin can make a person look youthful and feel great. Better yet, healthy skin can also help people avoid diseases that can be disfiguring and even dangerous such as skin cancer. It is important that individuals start a healthy skin care routine at an early age and continue to stick to it as they grow.

One of the most important aspects of any skin care routine is the use of sunscreen. Sunscreen has many benefits and when properly used, sunscreen can help people protect one of their most valuable assets.

Do I need to use sunscreen during the winter?

Some argue that sun expose is far less during this time. People also go outside with far more clothing on during the winter than they do during the summer time. The answer to this question is yes. People do need to use sunscreen during the winter as well as the warmer months.

This is particularly true when performing certain actions during the winter months. While the sun is often less intense in January than it is during July, the sun’s rays can still harm your skin and cause damage.

Sunscreen use is particularly vital when doing any kind of outdoor sports including skiing and snowboarding. Many winter sports are performed on snow, which is highly reflective. A person can be outside in the snow and not realize just how strong the sunlight is as they are skiing. Sunscreen should be applied at least half an hour before going out in snow when sunlight is clearly visible. It should be applied to one’s face and hands as well as any other body that may unexpectedly get exposed to sunlight, such as the back of the neck.

Even on cloudy winter days, you should apply sunscreen. Sunlight can come through the clouds, and a break in the weather may cause an unexpected period of intense sunlight as well, leaving you exposed to potential sun damage. If possible, carry sunscreen with you as you go outside and reapply as the day goes on in order to make sure you have maximum protection.

Sunscreen is one of your best allies against sun damage. Use it even during the winter to make sure that you are protected against skin damaging rays.

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