Sarah Sparrow is a medical licensed Laser Professional and skin care specialist with Skin Specialists of Addison. She has been working in the medical beauty industry since 2009, giving her many years’ experience. Sarah is passionate about helping people attain effective beauty and life style results within the cosmetic industry.

Sarah’s passion for her profession and clients has helped her develop the tools, skills and knowledge to guide her clients to successfully  and continually  meet their cosmetic and beauty goals. In her free time Sarah loves to train Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that helps her stay in shape. She is a 2nd level “Graduada” (equal to a 4th level black belt).

She has traveled all of the country teaching workshops to children and adults for over 10 years as a certified top level instructor. Also having a love of music she is in a band that performs locally and nationally. Sarah also is an accomplished show jumper having developed into a top level competitive rider and ultimately awarded a scholarship to BYU. Along with her cosmetic industry licensing Sarah also has a degree in business from BYU.  

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