As a 56 year old African American woman, I was beginning to see the telltale signs of aging in my face.

My neck was starting to droop as well as the skin was becoming lax. In addition, my jawline had lost definition. I consulted with Dr. Rodgers 4 months ago and we determined that Ultherapy was a viable option for me. The results have been AMAZING! My neck and skin have improved dramatically and the definition in my jawline is sharp again. Since it takes 6 months to see the full effects of the treatment, it can only get better.

In fact, the improvement has been so dramatic that people who have not seen me in a while ask if I have had a facelift. The procedure was a little bit uncomfortable, but Dr. Rodgers is highly skilled and a consummate professional. She and her staff were and very attentive and made the entire process a pleasant experience. *

* Results may vary from person to person on all medical, surgical, cosmetic or body sculpting / fat loss procedures or treatments.

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