Your Tattoo Removal Guide

Your Tattoo Removal Guide

Don’t be hard on your younger self — that tattoo certainly was a beautiful expression of who you were, but its purpose has passed, and now you want to move on. You are not alone. One in four adults has at least one tattoo, and 1 out of those same 4 people experience tattoo regret. That’s why aesthetic professionals worked for many years in the development of techniques to remove tattoos safely. Let us introduce you to your Laser Tattoo Removal Guide, a Skin Specialists of Allen/Addison solution for all those who want a blank slate again!

First things first, let’s break down how it works, shall we?

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

Most ink tattoos are made from heavy metals, which are necessary for the artwork to be durable. It’s no wonder your body detects these ink deposits as something foreign to your body and tries to destroy it. But, erasing those ink particles isn’t such a simple task. Here is where the laser performs its magic. With specific heat and speed and wavelengths, the laser blasts the ink and causes the tattoo pigment to break apart into smaller particles. Now, it’s possible for your white blood cells to finish the job and remove the ink.

Wondering how long it will take for the tattoo to be thoroughly removed?

Well, that depends on a few things and laser specialist expertise. Factors that determine how easy your tattoo can be removed are ink colors, age of the tattoo, size of the tattoo, location of the tattoo and the amount of ink.  With all of this information, your aesthetic professional will give you an estimate of how many Laser Tattoo Removal sessions will be required to complete the task. Of course, how long it will take to remove the tattoo is also determined by the amount of time needed for your skin to heal in between sessions.  So the first step, whenever you are thinking about removing a tattoo, would be to contact a professional and go to a consultation. 

Now, about the pain…

Laser Tattoo Removal is uncomfortable.  Nevertheless, our advanced technology is designed to reduce pain and discomfort as much as possible. Again, the pain varies not only based upon your personal tolerance but also where the tattoo is on the body, size, colors and amount of ink.  Your laser technician will ice the area prior to treating and a topical numbing agent is available for an additional charge if you cannot tolerate the treatment.  

Finally, let’s talk about a crucial detail of the matter at hand: the aftercare and the final results. We use only the best protocols and pay high attention to detail to avoid scarring. 

At Skin Specialists, we use the Lumenis M22 laser. It is very effective for the removal of dark tattoos and the safest for skin of color. Using a top-hat beam profile ensures control of homogeneous energy delivery and maximum safety without hot-spots nor any risk of side effects or complication for the patient. The versatility of 5 spot sizes allows us to use the ideal parameters for the clearance of dark tattoos.

We want to learn more about your case and help you get rid of that tattoo you wished you never had gotten or simply help you make a fresh new start. Contact us and book your complimentary consultation now. 

This first step is something you’ll never regret!

Skin Specialists of Allen and Addison

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